In this essay, Mohammad Omran sheds light on the paths of art education in Syria. He explores the efforts of artists in forming supportive structures for art education prior to the founding of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus in 1963 through centers and associations. He then looks at the establishment of the faculty, its curricula, and its teaching mechanisms, based on the archives of the late artist Mahmoud Hammad, who served as the faculty dean between 1970 and 1980.

For ease of reading and referencing, Nour Asalia prepared a timeline based on two essays published in The Journal, namely, “A history of art associations in Damascus during the 20th century: from emergence until the first Arab Conference of Fine Arts in Damascus in 1971” which was written by Lubna Hammad and issued in October 2020, and the current essay by Muhammad Omran entitled “Art Education in Syria: Foundations and subsequent developments”.

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Nour Asalia and Anna Wallace-Thompson