Collaboration with Al Jumhuriya

September 1, 2022

About the Project

We are proud to announce our collabration with

Al Jumhuriya will publish a series of articles that are produced in collaboration with Atassi Foundation . These articles seek to provide specialized content focusing on Syrian art in the past, present and future. The articles will take several formats that include interviews, reviews and literary texts interacting with works of art. Articles will be published on the last Wednesday of every month., 

Any collaboration in the intellectual field leads to collective benefit, both to the cooperating parties, and to those interested. We hope you enjoy these articles.

Below we will find links to these articlesالأرشيف-كمادة-للمعرفة/ما-أَنا-فيه-ما-أُنافيه/هل-القَيّم-فنان؟/سينما-التحريك-السورية-الواقع-بعدسة-خي/